We carry out our projects in harmony with environment

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How we work

We rely on individual client approach and for each project we build the team with appropriate knowledge and experience to ensure successful realization of project. Our team is permanent and possesses experience since 2004.
We cooperate with top environmental experts, scientific and professional institutions and specialists in each field in solving our projects. Our employees are carefully selected and verified for each project.
During the realization of the project we consult raised issues with responsible state institutions, relevant experts and inform the client about the results. We come up with solutions that improve the patency of the project and its perception by the parties concerned and bring benefit to the client.

What do we put emphasis on?
We provide quality service because we:

  • cooperate with top experts in each area,
  • analyze precisely the locality, investment activity or technology,
  • use domestic and foreign experience,
  • uncover the environmental weaknesses of the project in the early preparation phase and we inform our client respectively in the process of time.


Why to use our company?
If you order services in our company you gain:

  • precisely elaborated study, which will save you time in your further planning,
  • save time and money for additional studies, which would have to be otherwise elaborated if report had poor quality
  • quality support and assistance during the whole preparation of project
  • faster and economical advantageous realization of your need
  • possibility to use our experience gained from the position of executor of relevant documentation as well as from the position of advisor of the local city council for environmental committee

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tel.: +421 904 591 037
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About Us

We carry out our projects in harmony with the environment and our goal is to help the implementation of projects that support local communities, increase employment and are not harmful to environment.