How to choose an EIA company?

Are you preparing a project and asking yourself how to choose the right company for the EIA? You hear from your acquaintances only to make sure that your project is not subject to EIA, otherwise prepare for a few months of delay, endless comments from citizens and a number of conditions in the decision. Here are a few points that will help you increase the chance that your project will get a positive decision from the EIA process:

1) Experience and size of the company

The EIA process is the initial authorization process and the presentation of the project to the public. If the project registers poorly, it will drag on with that throughout the building permit procedure. In EIA proceedings, often not everything goes according to plan. Therefore, do not choose “one man show” companies. You may then find your phone calls aren’t picked up, deadlines will be extended not only because of the authorities, but also because of your supplier, who will not be able to complete the project on time and with the required quality. 

At ADONIS CONSULT, we focus on the selection of our co-workers and also suppliers. That is why we have a high level of success in obtaining positive decisions from the EIA process. In more than 15 years of our existence, the authorities have not issued us with any decision or final opinion to reject from the EIA process.  


The more projects the company has implemented, the more experience it has. It is also important that your EIA processor has experience in the region where you are going to implement the project, knowing not only local circumstances but also officials. If it does not know the officials, it should have the ability to properly explain the project to discuss and reach agreement on the fundamental issues of how to approach the process of assessing the project. Ask how many EIA projects the company has worked on and what areas these projects were in. It is an advantage if the company has several years of experience in assessing different types of buildings. 

At ADONIS CONSULT we have assessed more than 200 building projects throughout Slovakia, both residential projects and industrial centres, waste collection centres or entire urban units. Our clients include renowned development or architectural firms and also towns and villages.

3) Expertise 

Professional expertise is required to process some EIA projects. If the EIA processor cannot answer expert questions about the project, there is something wrong. Choose a company that has the expertise to cover the widest possible range of buildings and activities. Ideally, it should also have expertise in areas other than EIA itself. 

The project staff at ADONIS CONSULT have expertise in EIA, IPPC and nature conservation, giving us the insight and the necessary knowledge to solve the different types of problems we encounter.


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