We carry out our projects in harmony with environment

Company ADONIS CONSULT was founded in 2004 with the aim to offer high quality environmental consultancy. During the first years we were active mainly in the area of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), later on we extended our offer into environmental consultancy, spatial planning subconsultancy, expert studies and industrial ecology.


Environmental consultancy

We provide consultancy services in the process of finding suitable location, we uncover risks and weakness of the project thus we save investor´s time and money in later stages of the project preparation.


Environmental management

OEnvironmental management outsourcing is aimed at supervision of everyday compliance of the company with environmental regulations in the field of water and air protection, waste management and risk management. We will prepare your company certification of integrated management system (quality, environment, health and safety).


Environmental planning

We elaborate TSES (Territorial System of Ecological Stability) documentation or other landscape-ecological documentation. Map enclosures are elaborated using GIS technology for its easy use and maintenance. Raised issues we consult with top experts in the area of interest e.g. geology, soil, biodiversity, nature protection. The result of work is complex landscape-ekological study, which is ready to use for further work.

Our projects

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Brose Prievidza production hall – 1. a 2. phase


SKC foundry, casting factory Štúrovo


Environmental audit  of Shopping center Laguaricio – 2.largest real estate transaction of 2016


Urban study Pod Bačnegovicami  - Devínska Nová Ves

We elaborated EIA assessment  of Phase 1 and 2, we identified the risks of the project and we negotiated the project with the authorities, realization of phase 1 and the launch of production in the factory in 2016.   We elaborated the request for integrated permit (IPPC) and arranged the hearing of the project. We also participated in elaboration of EIA assessment study and our company provides ongoing environmental consulting services during the operation in the extent of legislative duties.    We elaborated environmental audit for the shopping centre Laugaricio and identified the risks of the project before the purchase of the premises. Our team participated in the preparation of ducumentation and materials for the second largest real estate transaction of the year 2016.   We elaborated environmental part of the documentation for the urban study  and participated in the discussion about the study. The project is in the state of preparation.
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Distribution warehouse DHL


Kaufland Podunajské Biskupice


Environmental audit
of former Stein Brewery


Urban development  study
Bratislava Airport IV. Kvadrant

We have elaborated environmental impact assessment study (EIA) and consulted the study with state bodies and public, we helped to identify project weaknesses. The warehouse has been put into operation in autumn 2013..   We have elaborated environmental impact assessment study (EIA) and consulted the study with state bodies and public. Kaufland store has been opened in summer 2013.   We have elaborated 2 phase environmental audit of former Stein Brewery for potential investor, we have identified and described potential risks concerned with its redevelopment into polyfunctional area. Our study served as document that needed to be considered for decision making.   In cooperation with prestigious Irish partner we have elaborated environmental part of urban development study in two languages. We have took part in consulting with public and state bodies. Project is in preparation phase.

Why to use our company?


What do we put emphasis on?

  • precisely elaborated study, which will save you time in your further planning,
  • save time and money for additional studies, which would have to be otherwise elaborated if report had poor quality
  • quality support and assistance during the whole preparation of project
  • faster and economical advantageous realization of your need
  • possibility to use our experience gained from the position of executor of relevant documentation as well as from the position of advisor of the local city council for environmental committee
  • cooperate with top experts in each area,
  • analyze precisely the locality, investment activity or technology,
  • use domestic and foreign experience,
  • uncover the environmental weaknesses of the project in the early preparation phase and we inform our client respectively in the process of time.

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About Us

We carry out our projects in harmony with the environment and our goal is to help the implementation of projects that support local communities, increase employment and are not harmful to environment.